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Mesopotamia Group chairman under the charity Mesopotamia Cultural Association funded and established Iraq University College (IUC); which focuses on the development of a vibrant and prosperous society in Iraq.

IUC addresses the core needs in the local and International business market and economy; and has developed tailored training courses in accordance with the demands and needs of the highly expanding professional class in Iraq.

The key to our success is the identification and development of our quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) systems.We are proud to be in a position to deliver proficient education & training services; enabled through our vastly experienced staff and consultants achieving optimum results.

IUC provides personalized one to one training services to its students; this is achieved by adopting smaller class based learning, in order to guarantee catered service and thus ensuring our students get the most out of the learning experience.

About IUC

Iraq University College (IUC) was established in the academic year 2004-2005, in the Governorate of Basra. Its first seed was sown and nurtured by the group chairman and Dean Professor Abdul-Hadi Al-Hassani (P.h.D.).

The chairman is concerned with ensuring that we set a good example for other colleges, in pursuing the path of modern internationally recognised academic standards, IUC utilises cutting edge academic programmes and syllabi, delivered by highly qualified and professional academic and teaching staff members. The college is well equipped with course-specific materials, ICT department and laboratories.

IUC holds a joint agreement with the University of Portsmouth, UK and is proud of the students whom have achieved the highest of academic standards to graduate from the academic programmes set. The IUC is accredited by the Iraq Ministry of Higher Education legal requirements in Iraq and the United Kingdom.

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