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Consultancy Bureau

Consultancy Bureau


The Iraq University College Consultancy Bureau (IUCCB) was initially established in 2009 with the objectives of providing engineering, management and financial assistance to state institutions and private entities; which is supported by a strong multidisciplinary team of experts providing consultancy services, training and further education. On 15/12/2012, the Bureau received Ministry approval as per the Ministerial decree No. 1201.


IUCCB’s committee team is made up of faculty senior staff and professors and is in a prime position to support and work alongside local and international state and private entities in partnership and provide feasibility studies, consultancy services, Project Management, training, quality control in execution of Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Infrastructure and Power projects in Iraq.

IUCCB in house services center is capable and ready to support and execute any sized project in Iraq covering most of the major sectors. The key project scheme objectives is to deliver the following services:

1 – Perform feasibility studies and provide the preliminary report with basic budget.

2- Provide basic and detailed design through reliable and certified engineering bodies.

3- Issue the required tender documents with all necessary technical and legal conditions

4- Project management and quality control

5- Catered training courses for engineers and potential managerial personnel in handling high tech projects.


The bureau is capable of handling any sized project, whichserves the municipality of the city of Basrah for both state and private companies in the area. All disciplines can be covered with the support of specializedindividuals and/or engineering offices.

Our team of experts, supported by our partners in the oil industry and specialized institutions globally, can effectively manage the oil, gas and energy sector projects.

Our in-house service center can be involved in large telecommunication, IT and computerengineering projects with strong installation capabilities.

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